What's in the harbour?

Battery charger can be borrowed from the harbour office.

Beaches are in near vicinity to the harbour.
Lilla Holmen is 300m south of the harbour, and Gröna Udden about 600m south of the harbour. Lilla Holmen is a child-friendly beach with a playground, changing rooms, and beach volley field.
If you walk north, you will find the Nabben beach, a very shallow beach that’s optimal for families with small children.

Bottled gas is available from RoNo, the gas station 100m south of the harbour, behind the blue restaurant boat

Club Marin is the restaurant in the harbour. It’s open every day during high season. Phone +358 18 15501.

Electricity is included in the harbour fee, and is available on all jetties. Please remember that the electricity system is intended only for charging batteries – not for heating etc!

Emergency number: 112

Garbage station is located in the north end of the harbour area, just north of the large flag pole.

Hair dryer can be borrowed free of charge from the harbour office.

Harbour fee from 28€/boat/night. Included in the fee is electricity, water, shower, toilets, sauna, garbage station, internet wifi, MSF-info magazine, and cruises to Sweden with Viking Line and Eckerölinjen. Please pay the harbour fee upon arriving. By so doing, we do not need to disturb you later in the evening. Upon paying the harbour fee, you get a harbour ticket. Please attach it to the boat at a visible spot, eg. the mooring lines or forestay.

Harbour office and shop is open every day during June-August. In May and September varying opening hours, according to the need. You can call the harbour master at any time at +358 18 19979 or +358 40 8677760.

Internet. There is a wireless internet connection in the harbour. You will get the instructions for connecting to internet upon paying the harbour fee. Please note that the best connection is achieved around the harbour office.

Mariebad swimming pools and spa is located about 600m north of the harbour.

Nursery room for small children is located in the service building.

Pre-booking: to ensure that you have an available berth upon arriving, you can pre-book your berth before arriving at www.satamapaikka.com.

Phone number to the harbour office is +358 18 19979 and the direct number to the harbour master is +358 40 86 777 60.

Refueling in the harbour:

RoNo, 100m south of the harbour has a card machine and is open 24/7. Phone: +358 18 12820.

St1, 500m south of the harbour has a card machine and is open 24/7. Phone +358 18 15735.

Rescue stations: located at six places in the harbour area. They are equipped with fire extinguisher, life buoy and boat hook. There are also safety ladders and fireplugs every 50thmeter on the piers.

Sauna is available in the service building, the ladies to the left and the gents to the right from the main entrance. The saunas are heated every day from 6-10 in the morning and 18-22 in the evening. You will get the code to the service building upon paying the harbour fee.

Septic tank emptying is south of the harbour, at the RoNo gas station

Service building. You get the code for the service building and other facilities upon paying the harbour fee. The code is changed every day at 14.00.

Showers and WC are in the service building. Our night toilets are open around the clock and are located near the playground.

Vacuum cleaner can be borrowed free of charge from the harbour office.

Washing room is in the service house. Washing time should be booked from the harbour office. There are six washing machines and six tumble-driers. The washing fee is 5€/machine.

Water is available on all piers. The water is fresh water and is drinkable.


Harbour regulations

Silence! To ensure that everyone can enjoy the holiday, silence in the harbour applies from 23.00 to 07.00.

No fire! It is strictly prohibited by law to use a grill or any kind of fire in the harbour. This rule applies to the whole harbour area, including the boats and jetties.

When you are shown a berth by the harbour crew, you are obligated to follow the instructions given. Mooring occurs at own risk.

Slow down when you arrive at and depart the harbour!

Mariehamns Seglarförening

Östra hamnen, Pb 155, AX-22100 Mariehamn


Hamnkontoret tel. +358 18 19979
Hamnchef tel. +358 40 8677 760
E-post: gasthamn@msf.ax
FO-nr 0749395-2